B’Luxe Candle Care Kit
B’Luxe Candle Care Kit

B’Luxe Candle Co., LLC

B’Luxe Candle Care Kit

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Everything you need to take care of your candles in one bundle. Stainless steel tools with a polish plating. Feel fancy when caring for your candles. 

Wick Trimmer: trimming your candle wick is essential to extend burn time and eliminate burning with black soot. A trimmer reaches deep into candle jars easily. 

Wick Snuffer: prevents spraying of wax when blowing out your candle. The handle is long to safely extinguish a candle's wick. 

Wick Dipper: avoid smoke when putting out your candle. Use the dipper and push the wick into the hot wax. This will extinguish the fire without smoke. 

Electronic Candle Lighter: Flameless | USB | Rechargeable lighter. Lighting your candle is going to be a breeze.