Scents + Description

After The Rain Honeydew Melon, Citrus, Violet, and Oak Moss. A Top seller! 

Apple + Bourbon: You will FALL in love! 
Scent notes: apple, bourbon, maple, vanilla, coconut and cinnamon. 

Black Sand & Sunsets: Drift away with relaxing notes of sea salt, sandlewood, and dark musk. The perfect balanced, airy scent!  

Captivating Fleurs: A light and florally sweet scent with notes of  green floral, tuberose, and powder.

Cozi: sultry notes of fruit and soft flowers which includes pear, rose, amber, and powder. 

Date Night:  Ladies! This is the scent you want to have flowing while you’re showering, and putting on your makeup. This high-end fragrance has notes of Mandarin, Sandalwood, Rose, Peony, Cedar, and Musk.

The Love Letter - A B’Luxe custom blend that includes notes of Plum, Amber, Dark Musk,  Jasmine, and Citrus. 

Mississippi Magnolia:  High-end floral scent with beautiful notes of Magnolia, Bergamot, Amber, and Powder.

Oh, Georgiaa beautiful mix of peach, vanilla, sugar, mandarin, raspberry, and coconut. 

Pecan Candy - also known as the mouthwatering dessert, pralines. Sweet notes of vanilla, caramel, Tonka bean, and butter! 

So Beautiful:  The name says it all about this fragrance. Beautiful notes of Anise, Sage, Greenbrook  Leaves, and Pineapple.
Stolen Moments - A sophisticated blend of soft floral notes that includes clove leaf, lush green leaves, amber, and tonka bean.
Sunday Mornings- Imagine the smell of fresh laundry  on a breezy, sunny day. Scent notes include lemon, powder, and cotton.

Sweet Citrus: Mandarin, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, and Orange.